The Research and Doctoral studies service

The Catholic University of Paris' research centers and teams : dedicated to promoting research and providing expert training for doctoral students.

The Catholic University of Paris has major research centers and teams in disciplines as varied as philosophy, theology, canon law, humanities, economic and social sciences and educational sciences. The Research and Doctoral Studies Service’s vocation is to promote research and provide high level training for doctoral students.

The Catholic University of Paris “Religion, Culture and Society” Doctoral School caters for 275 doctoral students under the guidance of 49 supervisors.

This is a training site for doctoral students
The Catholic University of Paris “Religion, Culture and Society” Doctoral School is a training site used by doctoral students throughout their course, leading up to their viva. It brings together complementary disciplinary, methodological and theoretical fields, following in the tradition of Western universities founded on the basis of a dialogue between the Christian faith and reason. It forms a coherent whole, which is original within Paris, with the various components aiming to think about the question of mankind in the world and in society, from the perspective of a declared interest in the religious, ethical, ecumenical and inter-religious dimensions, as they have been constructed within Christianity.

This scientific and educational grouping around these specific areas of research creates significant visibility and attractiveness for the school in international terms. The Catholic University of Paris has profited from its membership of the International Federation of Catholic Universities in order to develop numerous national and international agreements on joint PhD supervision, which the doctoral school has now inherited.

It offers a variety of study areas

The multidisciplinary Doctoral School provides several PhD courses within its research teams catering for doctoral students, some of which come under disciplines preparing students for canonical diplomas: Canonical Law, Theology and Religious Sciences, Philosophy, Social and Economic Sciences, as well as others from non-canonical disciplines: Philology, Education and Humanities.

Information Resources

Without information resources, research is impossible.
The library holdings presented here are a treasure trove for doctoral students and professors focusing on research topics examined at the Catholic University of Paris doctoral school : Religion, Culture, and Society. All the libraries are open to doctoral students.

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